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Our Specialists Restored This Tile Floor in Athens With Their Amazing Grout Cleaning Skills

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May 26, 2024

It's hard to make your living spaces look good when your grout surfaces gather enough dirt to draw people's attention. A homeowner in Athens had tried to avoid that specific scenario after a few instances where regular scrubbing didn't remove the stains on her grout. In the end, weeks of dedicated care couldn't stop the deterioration of her living room floor.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Athens
Luckily, this happened around the time she'd heard one of her colleagues gush about Sir Grout Athens and the services our techs had provided on his bathroom floor. The homeowner decided to check out our website for more information and her findings only increased her interest. She called us to ask about our grout cleaning service in Athens and asked if our techs were available to visit her house later that week. Our live agent gave detailed answers to all her questions before confirming the date for an in-home evaluation.

On the appointed date, our specialists arrived at her house and the homeowner immediately recognized our logo on their vehicle. They inspected the living room floor and checked the grout lines for cracks. Unfortunately, the grout's original color was fully hidden under layers of dirt that were fully embedded in the porous surface by then. As our techs told the client, the grout's sealant may fade sooner than expected when the surface is constantly exposed to foot traffic and chemical-based cleaners. These products work against the maintenance of hard surfaces because they leave the grout pores open to various external agents. Chemical cleaners also do little to enhance the tiles' color, as shown by the floor's dull appearance.

After concluding their evaluation, our techs briefly described their restoration process to the client, explaining that the floor needed to be deep cleaned before they got started on sealing the grout. The homeowner thanked them for their assistance and didn't hesitate to schedule a second appointment.

Following her request, our experts return to her house before the end of the week. They soaked the living room floor with a special cleaner and used a high-speed scrubber to remove all the embedded dirt. This combination allowed them to work quickly while ensuring that no part of the surface was left untouched.

Next, they applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines, recoloring the grout according to the homeowner's specifications. Our signature sealant is available in multiple colors, so our techs had no problem ensuring that the grout matched the shade of the tiles. Moreover, our ColorSeal provides the strongest protection to withstand damage around high-traffic surfaces. It repels grime, grease, mold, and mildew, so homeowners don't have to struggle just to keep a stain-free grout.

The restoration was almost complete, so our crew buffed the floor before letting the client check the result. When she entered the living room, she was immediately impressed by the floor's new appearance and thanked our specialists for delivering such a beautiful result. It was a relief to know that there was a reliable service nearby to help her whenever her surfaces showed the effects of wear and tear.

Before leaving the client's house, our crew shared some additional tips to improve the maintenance of her floors. They started by introducing pH-neutral cleaners as the best alternative to replace bleach and soap-based products. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner combines all the advantages you want for your weekly cleaning routine. It removes embedded dirt much more effectively and doesn't subject hard surfaces to harsh chemicals. This also means that homeowners can use our cleaner in any part of their house without worrying about the contamination caused by toxic fumes. Another way to preserve hard surfaces is by using the right tools to avoid scratch marks. With this in mind, our techs also recommended using a mop, a towel, or similar non-abrasive tools to scrub off any residue.

Living room areas aren't as exposed to moisture as other parts of a house, but they still need proper indoor ventilation to keep the dirt from spreading. By having at least once source of fresh air, like an open window, you can prevent the growth of mold and keep any stains from seeping into porous surfaces.

You can count on Sir Grout Athens to help you improve the appearance of your floors, as well as other parts of your home like your shower, vanity tops, pavers, etc. We bring first-rate equipment and the expertise of trained hard surface professionals, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our services. You can call (706) 522-4224 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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