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A Bathroom Floor in Farmington Got an Amazing Grout Recoloring from Our Crew

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December 12, 2023

Most homeowners can relate to that sense of success that comes with keeping a bathroom in pristine condition. Constantly exposed to dampness and cosmetic products, bathroom surfaces are known for accumulating many stains, to the point that sometimes it seems like they grow dirty overnight. A homeowner in Farmington put a lot of time into keeping mold and soap scum off her shower, sink, and bathroom floor. For this reason, she didn't realize that her grout was losing its appeal until all the grout lines on the floor had taken the same dull beige color.

Bathroom Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Farmington
Most of her bathroom surfaces were white so the grout looked particularly unflattering. The homeowner didn't stop her cleaning efforts, but it seemed that the grout color only turned darker and more dirty-looking after each attempt. As she later acknowledged, that's all she could do with the products at her disposal, so the next step was finding the best Farmington grout recoloring service to assist her.

Her first online search led her to Sir Grout Athens and things moved smoothly from there. The homeowner was delighted by all the information available and took a special interest in our picture gallery. Then, she went to our scheduler to ask for an in-home evaluation, hoping to get an informed opinion before the end of that week.

Our techs didn't disappoint. They went to her house a couple of days later to find the solution to her problem. The grout's dull color did a lot to ruin any sense of hygiene, with portions that looked darker while the dirt kept growing on the surface. Despite lacking any dirt stains, the tiles also looked worse for wear as the dirty grout muted their color. The client was understandably puzzled by this, so our techs listed multiple factors that play a part in the deterioration of high-traffic surfaces. Cement-based grout is likely to absorb liquids and dirt at all times, which is why homeowners need to act fast when the sealant starts wearing off. Chemical cleaners can hinder things in many ways, weakening the sealant and later trapping external elements on the grout pores. Discoloration is another common side effect of traditional cleaners; this explained why the homeowner had been struggling while trying to get any shine out her bathroom tiles.

After going over their findings, our specialists identified the best course of action. They offered to bring their special equipment at a later date, planning to clean the floor and seal the grout. The client wanted to have the grout lines recolored so she was delighted when our techs promised to meet her exact preferences. She scheduled a new appointment and agreed to meet us in a few of days.

At the start of the following week, our team arrived at her house once again for the restoration. They started by cleaning the floors with a powerful formula, soaking the entire surface and running a high-speed scrubber several times. This way, they managed to remove all the embedded dirt without subjecting the grout to toxic products or harsh treatment.

To recolor the grout, they applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines. The homeowner chose a dark gray shade to create a nice contrast between the grout and the white tiles, and the effect made the bathroom look more stylish and modern. Our sealant doesn't stop at elevating the grout's visual appearance, though. Its most important feature is the protection against external elements like water, shower products, mold, mildew, grime, dust, etc. No matter how much foot traffic you get, dirt will never take over your grout lines while our sealant is in place.

The client and her family were ecstatic when we showed them the results. Both the grout and the tiles were spotless and the floor looked stunning, with not a spec of dirt in sight. The client thanked our specialists while telling them how much she loved our work on the grout.

While getting ready to leave, our experts gave some additional cleaning advice. As they told the client, pH-neutral cleaners represent the most effective way to deal with stains and stickiness around your bathroom surfaces. Unlike bleach and other chemical-based products, formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner won't increase a floor's susceptibility to damage. Our product has a deeper cleaning effect, removing grout stains and embedded dirt when combined with a mop or a terry cloth. As it preserves the tiles' natural color and the sealant's protection on the grout lines, this neutral cleaning formula also help you keep your floor's brand-new look for a long time. There's no better way to fight wear and tear while reducing the number of stains on hard surfaces.

When it comes to preventing moisture buildup, our techs recommended opening the windows and doors to keep the air from becoming stale. This is the most direct approach to stop the spread of mold and multiple risks to your bathroom's hygiene. The client welcomed all this knowledge and promised to praise our expertise when recommending our services to friends and family.

Don't settle for a dirty grout, Sir Grout Athens has the most advanced resources to transformed your living spaces, from high-traffic areas meant to impress guests to narrow spaces where surface damage can go unnoticed for years. We have decades of combined experience and the skillset to match, so you can trust in our crew's professionalism. Just call (706) 522-4224 or schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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